From fruit dishes to juices; From shakes to desserts to smoothies… We have it all laid out for you, In an ever-evolving menu.

Parth Piyush Mehta is an entrepreneur with an unquenching thirst of constantly doing something Hatke (differently). Through his company Out of the Box, he has set on a journey to introduce the unknown, unheard, and unthought of! After pursuing Liberal Arts, he went ahead to gain a masters degree in Business Entrepreneurship. Owing to the constant support and motivation from his father and his friends (a shout-out to SB family), he is simply unstoppable!

9834 The Fruit Truck

"Hi, I am Parth Mehta and I have always had passion for street food. While exploring various street food joints, I came to know of various fruit joints around the world. This was something I had not seen in India and I wanted to create an awareness of the fruits around the world. Eureka! came the thought of starting a street (fruit) joint.

You know what’s more? 9834 is local, yet exotic! It is a misconception that exotic fruits are expensive; and I am here to debunk it. Australian grapes, Belgian apple, Blackberry, Blueberry, Dragon fruit, Egyptian citrus, Fig, Granny Smith apple, Kiwi, Litchi, Longan litchi, Mangosteen, Mulberry, Peach, Rambutan, Rose apple, South African red bananas, Starfruit, Strawberry, Thai coconut, Washington apple, … and many, many more exotic fruits and fruit preparations are all available at affordable prices at 9834.

Why 9834?

My great grandfather had bought a Bajaj scooter for his son (my grandfather), the number plate of which was 9834. Since then, all the vehicles in the family have this number plate. True story…

Through this venture, I aim to honour my family’s legacy.

Future destinations…

By multiplying trucks, I aim to make exotic fruits and fruit preparations easily available to people at affordable prices.